Import possibilites for *.img format in locus

Started by ppiter, December 30, 2011, 17:14:26

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more and more download possibilities for maps disappear for locus user, because of the traffic they produce on the server. One the other hand there are lots of possibilities to download OSM maps in garmin .img format can be found in internet. If Locus could support these .img formats for open maps this would be really very helpful. Do not support import of Garmin native maps (Maps bought from i.e. Garmin and "locked" to a special GPS device). This could cause a lot of trouble with the map providers.

Thanks a lot for locus
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Up... Any way to use maps in the Garmin .img format with Locus Map ?


you may try to place Garmin maps into Locus/mapsVector directory. They will work, but do not expect some nice results.
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