Geocaching4locus - writing online cache notes?

Started by locusfan, December 26, 2011, 21:49:03

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Today I made a long geocaching trip and first time used geocaching4locus to post a lot of field notes (founds) to the cache logs. I expected, that this notes will be written immediately to But when I arrived at home I realized that not a single note arrived at the logs on! All notes where still displayed as field notes in locus, but are missing in the logs on both: the add on and the website of

So I wonder: Is the geocaching4locus add-on able to write back online notes to the cache logs of
If no: Ok, would be a nice feature, which should be added. :-)
If yes: Seems as if some bug prevents me from using this feature.

I had no error messages, and I have entered the correct user name and password (I used geocaching4locus to download the caches).
Any help is appreciated...

Thanks locusfan


simple answer, no G4L do not do this ... wait for next locus release anyway, you'll be surprised ;)
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