Show corrected coords instead of original coords

Started by bongo, December 22, 2011, 11:12:00

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when importing geocaches from a GSAK database, icons are shown on their original location, even if there are corrected coordinates.
i think if there are corrected coords, the icon should be shown at the corrected coords and indicate that this are corrected coords with an indication on the icon.
that's because if you solve a mystery cache and update coords, there is no more use for the original coords and when looking for this cache, you have to go to the corrected coords!


Wouldn't those corrected coordinates be a waypoint, not altering the original coordinates?  I don't know how GSAK does it, but I know when I solve a puzzle I simply make a new waypoint for it.

I wish Locus could leave such waypoints enabled and not have to turn them back on after an exit, but that's another thing..


i don't know how this is solved 'within' gsak.
when correcting coords, gsak still knows the original coords (as some kind of hidden child waypoint), but the main coords shown of the waypoint are then the corrected coords.
this makes sense, especially when you solve a mystery cache:
the original coords then have nothing to do with the cache, as they are quite random. after solving the puzzle, you get the coords of the start or final box, and you can forget the original coords. so you enter the new coords as corrected coords and the geocache is moved to this location on the map.
therefore, it would be nice if locus would place the icon at the corrected location and mark it as corrected.
if you want, you can still have the original coords as a child waypoint, but i think this is not really required.