Unknown error saving track

Started by danilsh, December 22, 2011, 08:39:17

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I'm trying to create track manually point-by-point by pressing Rec button and adding points one-by-one. When I press Stop button, Locus displays message in Russian, that I can approximately translate to English "Unknown error saving track". When trying to save track, I have no Internet connection.

I already searched forums, and found one solution: rename or delete track database file. This does not works in my case.

I have HTC Desire with modified ROM: T-Mod LeeDroid HD V3.3.3 Port R5 A2SD (568), Android 2.3.3. 16GB SD card installed in phone and formatted to ext3 partition. Locus data directory is on the partition.

Can you help, please?



I tried a function "Add a route by hand", and saved a track successfully. I suppose, I misused track recording somehow... If error I found isn't an issue, then I have no questions anymore.


hi, issue is probably displayed text. In your case there should be something like "you cannot save track, when no points are recorded" :). "Track record" function is used just for storing points when you're moving. When you want to create routes/tracks manually, for this use second "Add new route" function ...
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Well, as usual I should RTFM! :) Thanx for quick response! Great prog!