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Started by mwarner, December 18, 2011, 18:34:31

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I am experiencing an issue with the transfer of Geocache information from c:geo to Locus Pro 1.5.2. The problem is that the Hint information does not appear in Locus, meaning you have to flip between c:geo (for the cache hint) and Locus (for the offline map). I am unsure whether the issue is with c:geo not exporting the data correctly or Locus not reading it!

To reproduce:

Load up c:geo opensource (current version 08.11.2011) & go to Live Map
Find & touch on a cache to bring up the Information dialog
Make sure there is a hint (95% of caches have a hint!)
Select More details -> Menu key-> Navigate -> Locus

Select the cache
Go to the Info screen (second button from the left)
Select Key icon (first button on left)

You will always get the text "No hint" briefly displayed


Why use c:geo at all?  Locus can load caches in, and frankly c:geo's live map isn't very reliable when I used it in the past.


It is rather beside the point, as this is a potential bug enquiry and not a application comparison, but c:geo is an excellent dedicated Geocaching application which is perfectly stable on the devices I have run it on & offers more functionality for caching than Locus (due to the fact it is a dedicated app).

My original issue still stands - i'd be interested to hear whether it is an issue with Locus or an export problem from c:geo.


  I'm checking received data from c:geo and hint information is missing, so it's issue on c:geo side ...
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Thanks very much for getting back to me on this - i'll see if I can further this issue through the c:geo developers.