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Started by joeloc, December 14, 2011, 18:35:07

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Coming from the waypoint style thread, I'd like to suggest something a little bit related: a new "vicinity field". It could sit on bottom of screen and show the closest items (waypoints, tracks, routes, whatever) in locus databases. Sorted by distance from left to right, as many as will fit:

Arlbergpass    | Zugspitze      | Hallerangerhaus |   |
(1300m, 5.2km) | (2998m, 8.9km) | (2300m, 12.3km) | x |

Alternative design as a simple list, left-bottom aligned:

Arlbergpass (1300m, 5.2km)
Zugspitze (2998m, 8.9km)
Hallerangerhaus (2300m, 12.3km)
Track Nr 123 (1000m, 15km)

This list should be independent from what is actually displayed on the map. Just a global distance search over all items in all databases. On tap, it would scroll the map to the item (and enable it for display if not done so yet).

Possible prefs settings for Vicinity:

Show/hide vicinity field automatically when closest item is nearer/farer than
xxx km.
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