auto rename of export names ??

Started by Rob, December 12, 2011, 15:43:49

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when exporting e.g.a Route/Track named:  
 R_Linz - Graz.kml  
 in the export dir it comes:
 rlinz_graz.kml   or rlinz_graz.gpx.

I use R_ for Routes  (planned) and T_   for tracks (executed) to differentiate in Export Dir and copied Filedirectories, but  rlinz ..  or    tlinz ...  looks not very good :-(

Is it a matter of settings ? IF yes, where to change pls ?



Hi Rob,
  it's Locus behavior .. anyway you're correct it's not necessary, so I disabled removing "_" character and also changing to lower case. Test next version please ...
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