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Started by thiagomt, December 06, 2011, 17:29:15

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I love the Locus Pro and want to adopt it as default app for my tracks.

However, lack a very useful feature: synchronization of routes and tracks in an online service.

I know that Locus can send the tracks to the GPSI, but only send, not download.

Currently I have used another app to my tracks, the ViewRanger. In it I have a site ( where I do the management of routes and tracks and then sync to my Android. Moreover, I can see the tracks, edit and share them. But only the option to sync it would be very useful in Locus.

That is, the locus is a better app that ViewRanger, but could have the option to synchronize.


Why don't you use an external app to sync? Asus Webstorage would be a start...
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If it is to use a third-party software, which is made a full integration with the GPSies and can both send and download routes.


Since the app itself will not have a specific function for synchronization, it could fetch automatically routes that a third-party program synchronized in a particular folder on the SD card.