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Started by mgrmgrmgrmgr, December 04, 2011, 17:17:52

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Unfortunately, I downloaded the last version of Locus. And I saw that among the three worldwide map source, one disappeared, so that only Mapquest and OSM remain.
But there is worse. OSM does not want to be downloaded, and the downloading of Mapquest does not work at all (nothing happens). Locus had (unfortunately I have to use the past)  a huge advantage. It could be used offline.
This seems to be finished. When you must be online, of couse, on Android, the simplest way is to use google maps, absolutely no reason why using anything else. I hope that Locus will come back, and for that it must be able to work offline it was its only advantage compared with other systems, but it was huge.


  hmm ... only advantage? It depend ... anyway I also hope that some maps will come back
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Locus has many more advantages against other systems.
About offline usage... Didn't you read the blog as it was announced after you started the new version the first time? Here it is:

In short:
If you want to use OSM offline, you can go for the Vector Maps addon: ... ctorMaps01
If you don't want the luxury way, you can download all OSM maps from here:

Last hint...
For more available maps, you can consider to install the map tweak: ... usmaptweak

Cheers, berkley
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