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RMAP map format

Started by joeloc, December 02, 2011, 14:14:29

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Quote from: "dibrial"...I exported my overlay map to a GeoTiff...
how? maybe there is the answere...


Quote from: "gynta"how? maybe there is the answere...

I opened the kmz in Global Mapper  :oops:  and exported it as a GeoTiff. I have tried both 8-bit(Packbits) and 24 bit(LZW compression)


Try tools/configure in GlobalMapper, go to Projection tab. Set to Transverse Mercator and WGS84 Datum. Export again. Also, you might try to create the RMAP with TTQV4 demo instead of CompeLand. Might be more compatible with Locus.


I don't know if you already solved something or not. Anyway if you export RMAP for locus and this not work, try last testing version viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1537#p9270. If map will still not work, let me know and I'll check it (together with some sample map)
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