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Started by Kuratkoo, December 02, 2011, 09:53:30

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Hi all!

I'm a lucky user of Locus Pro but always used it online together with geocaching app or c:geo. Perfect fit, but - online! In areas with rare online connection I was stuck every time. So I decided to "build" an offline system. Now, I have my whole country with vector maps on my SD card and everything is fine in Locus. Then I searched for a way to get all the caches for a certain area also offline in Locus. Thats the way I came to the Geoget addon:
QuoteIt's simple – install plugin, copy your GeoGet database to SD card, setup addon and run Locus. And just import geocaches.

Now, thats exactly what I did together with the accompanying PC program "Geoget 2". BUT: I get several thousand geocaches from within my target area downloaded and listed correctly in the PC program. Then I copied the database file to the SD card and point the geoget addon for Locus to it. Locus is now able to import the caches, BUT NOT ALL!

In detail: Locus imported the geocaches from the database file (around 5MB) into a separate category named "favourites". And though I set the count and distance in the geoget addon to "no limit" caches and 99km distance (to be sure to get all what is in the database), Locus is always importing the first 500 if ever (or stops importing due to an error "Unable to get geocaches! (null)").

What is wrong here? Is the number of imported elements limited to 500? What about the importing error which occures every here and there (depending on the settings in geoget addon)?

This is done on HTC Sensation with Android 2.3.4 (stock ROM).
Any suggestions? Please help...  :roll:

Greetings to the community!



what about new version of addon? Same issue?
If you set "no limit" and 99km, there should be problem with RAM memory in your phone.. Don't know. Could you please send me log? ... tb.alogcat