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Started by jusc, November 30, 2011, 15:12:46

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I created a route with navigation infos with with Google Maps and stored them under MyMaps. The route was calculated automaticly and shows on Google Maps all streets and directions with navigation information.
After downloading these routes and importing them to Locus there are only straight lines on the map.
I would like to use the complete route with Locus. Is it possible to convert the route at least to follow streets and/or perhaps with navigation infos too?
Otherwise it would be easier to create the route with Locus directly.
Regards J.


Hi Jusc,
  this is unfortunately not possible. Google store only points you click and rest compute dynamically when you display it. Unfortunately in data I receive aren't mentioned that data have to be "routed" before display ...

  so as you wrote ... suggest to plan tracks in Locus directly ..
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Hi menion,

if you use Routeconverter ( it works as I want. Perhaps, because Routconverter uses Google Maps too?
So if Locus uses Google Maps online should it work?
Regards J.