Filtering POIs: A possiblity to filter all found caches?

Started by FraPet, November 29, 2011, 00:15:28

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Hi menion,

i'm still looking for the best way to handle my caches. To reduce the number of caches in the category "not searched", i would like to move all found caches to another category, i.e. something like "found". Unfortunately i cannot find an option to filter all found caches of a category (just to hide them, but it is not possible to invert the filter ;-).

Do you already have implemented something i'm looking for?



maybe little bit complicated but working solution

1. go to POI manager screen
2. tap fitler and check hide found
3. now select all (2nd button)
4. tap filter again and uncheck hide found
5. invert filter now (3rd button)
6. move selected points to another category (last button > move)
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