maximum number of geocaches to be handled

Started by bongo, November 24, 2011, 16:47:52

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Last time I tried, I imported around 11,000 into Locus, but I have mine split into 5 regions in my state + one "everything else" region..  They all come from one gigantic GPX file and I yank out data using gpsbabel to make it faster to import areas..  I never need to load everything unless it's just to look at ;)

I had no problems doing it, but then again, I was not importing all 11k at once, it's in 6 separate files.

And as mentioned, having 10,000 on the todo list is a good problem to have..  ;)


also nice :)

I tried just for test, import 130MB huge file with 10k caches into one category. Import took 12 minutes (with duplicate check enable) and then loading whole category around 15 secs ... not so big problem and all works. Anyway SGS2 is quite powerful device, so something like ZTE BLade should, have troubles. Anyway I hope you all except bongo ;), don't have big problem with these "limits" ...
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