Crash / display problems with some particular caches

Started by mambofive, November 21, 2011, 11:19:48

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Hi menion,

some minor problems with some particular geocache listings:
* Caches starting with '<' are not displayed correctly in the list of POIs. Some of them are displayed with an empty name, some are displayed with an incomplete name. Example: ... ramaradweg  => GC2J4NT is displayed without a name. Some other caches of the series are display without the "<xx". Seems like locus is reading a html tag here...
* GC332T8 (Wupperkäfers Heim) => locus crashes when displaying the details of the listing. I can send a crash log if required.

Best regards,
 Elmar / mambofive.


both issues probably solved. Uff, hope I don't cause more troubles with changes ...
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