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Started by kelddaug, November 11, 2011, 21:06:38

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Quote from: "menion"hmm not so much. Just some screen that will allow some settings. If there will be need for GPS it will grow. Anyway without this just screen and then some function that will periodically compute new location and send it to Locus. I'm not sure if locus will handle this correctly and just update location instead of displaying new point, so maybe also some improvements in Locus. Anyway I think that two days should be enough for this ...
If you decide to do it anyway, I'm going South 2 December and will be back for gsm reach middle of January to test , I might have possibility for wifi access via satellite , down there, if mil. doesn't block for download.  :)


What happens when you drive through a tunnel - there is no GPS so Locus stops navigation. With TTN the program assumes that speed is maintained along the path through the tunnel and is accurate at showing where you are when you exit.
Please can you include this when you program moving tracking.


Quote from: "menion"hmm I understand ..

I was thinking about it during a day, also talking with girlfriend about it, and even it's quite interesting idea and even it should take less then a day to get it work to usable state, I have to refuse. I don't see much usage in this. Seems like you'll be only one who find usage for this feature. Watching of moving of another object is nice, but there is very low number of objects that have constant speed and bearing ...

anyway if you'll be very interested in this, I may try to create addon for this, that will periodically send updated location of one point to locus. Remind me this during winter .. I'm sure there will be some free time and this seems like interesting and "cute" idea for me ...

Hey Menion
I forgot to remind you during winter, have you thought about it, since..?
I still think it would be a cool feature.


Because at car navigation I also have some trouble in tunels with different lanes/exits, I give this threat a push. Or maybe we start a request at getsatisfaction...


ah navigation ... there is quite a lot to do. I'm sorry that I sometimes wrote "this will be done till next month" and then I do something other and ...

navigation in Locus is working, but should work much better. We started since February do some real testing with users, so I'm slowly improving screens and features (existing) to make them more easy to use. And navigation will be one of next things to test and improve. Anyway if you'll be kind, place this on GetSatisfaction where it will be easier to find and I'll also know if there is more people interested in this ... thanks
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I am digging through the old posts an stumbled upon this. I think that now may be good time to take new review of the subject.

I found these trackers which have capabilities to real-time tracking via gprs. I have small need to get this working because of dog tracking.

The device is Meitrack MT90 and it has good documentation of the used protocols. I think that for you that could be a easy work to get this going. Or maybe implement it to gps trace add on. For starters it would be nice to get the SMS implementation of the device