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Started by stebu, November 10, 2011, 15:11:55

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For a while the map scale was rather constant (100, 200, 500, ..)
Now it is back to some funny values like 550m, 9km,...? And this is not constant behaviour?
This sometimes confuses me, when I'm seaching for a specific zoom level.

I would like the scale to have values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100...
And the scale measure should be around 1/4 of the screen's shorter width.

Any thoughts?


I have an additional remark:
The +/- button sets a certain scale. If I zoom by draging two fingers on the touch screen I can get stepless scales. But as soon as I remove fingers from screen the map display returns to a fixed zoom again.
Could Locus keep the stepless scale until next zoom action (either +/- or again draging with fingers)?


My first post on this forum...

It is true that the measurement can be a bit odd, like 820ft in my case typically, but what would be really helpful is if it were just easier to see. If it was printed in a bold text, and the scale line that is drawn was also bolder or thicker, and maybe a different color ... I would be able to see it more clearly!

In addition, I would like to see an option to include printing of the map zoom level such as (16) next to the scale, either on left or right-hand side. For reasons I am not quite sure of, I find myself often wondering what level I am actually using. This is usually more important to me than the scale itself. I usually leave the Information Panel on "GPS," not "Map."



hi ronfischler (and menion),

hmmmm ... the thing about the zoom level displayed directly on map....
to keep the interface as tidy as possible, i guess that your problem can be solved by adding another option when tapping on the scale itself.

now it is like: small scale / large scale.
possible new behavior: small scale / small scale with zoomlevel / large scale

what do you think ?


Hello Jurajs,

Ah - I see. Yes, that would be nice: small scale / small scale with zoomlevel / large scale



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