Shortest track creation from pre recorded Poi's?

Started by CyberByte, November 06, 2011, 12:21:33

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Hi there,

Recently purchased my first Android device and put on the fine pro version to use for a daytrip to Br├╝gge, Belgium. Having less knowledge so far i would like to do as follows:

Beeing at home i will organize a daytrip let's say to Paris. So I create a category "Paris" and, still beeing at home, i put a few sightseeing points that interest my during my next visit into that category. Let's say 30 Poi's.
Beeing in Paris now, i would like to open the category Paris. Then, i would like to select let's say 10 Poi's to walk to from a selectable starting point (..current GPS location, my hotel etc.) After selecting the 10 Poi's i would like to use the bottom right software button should give me a option to create the shortest route/track between the selected points starting from my hotel or even current GPS location easily.

Further, beeing in map view screen and if i choose to Navigate to a favourite i would love that more poi's pre recorded in other categories are selectable instead only the main category ones.

Hope anything from the above sounds useful.. Best regards from Germany and my congrats your good work so far, Ralf.