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Started by rkirmeier, October 18, 2011, 21:39:01

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I have another thread on a request for a more complete sharing solution but this is regarding the currently built in functionality.

When in Locus and I select to share the screen or center of the map I get a different list of options. Some are the same but not all. The problem is that I setup AndFTP hoping to be able to share tracks and POIs to another device via FTP as an AndFTP connection will show up in the share list. It shows up in the share list if I am sharing the screen 9 (.png) but not if I share a track or POI. Not sure if Locus has control over this or if it's a AndFTP issue however is seems strange AndFTP would limit any file types as it is an FTP program. If I can get Locus to see AndFTP I have half of the problem solved then all I need is the auto import feature which should be added to Locus as some point down the road (hopefully before Jan 1st).



update... I'm guessing this is an issue with AndFTP and not Locus so I posted a request on their forum to include the sharing option for all file types.


I guess so because I have very little control over this. I only send share request to system and system control this on it's own. So he check which software can work with shared file and these offer.
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Ok, the developer of AndFTP update the app so it shows up in all Share popups but it does not work for "Share map center" because Locus is not sharing a file but just some coordinates. The odd thing is if I use the bluetooth option the file shows up as an html (at least it did the last time I tried a while back). Not sure what the best option is here... Just trying to figure out a good way to easily share center of screen, POIs, tracks between copies of Locus. AndFTP and a Locus auto import (hopefully a future feature) could work great as I can setup a local ftp server to what ever directory I want (auto import one) and the AndFTP app can share a pre-specified ftp connection via the Share popup.

Let me know what you think...