Batch create points with a name from Lat / Long Coordinates

Started by Si607, October 17, 2011, 02:14:18

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Hi , I have an excel document .xls containing British Hill Summit heights and locations.  
The columns respectively are
hillname,            metres    feet               latitude         Longitude
or Example
Beacon Hill    306           1004             51.744952     -2.707993

There are probably around 400 hill listings how could I batch make and import separate "new point" info or favorite markers for them please from the xls document, is there an easy and quick way or will I have to create them separately and manually.

The reason is it would be great in the hills to be able to use the Augmented Reality feature to show the name of surrounding hills (and their height as a comment if that's not a complication) which is why I want to do this.    I have done a few manually placing the points using the Bing OS map to identify and create the points and it works great, but to do lots would take a long time, if I can automate some aspects by using the coordinates that would be brilliant.  

Thanks a lot.  Simon.