Annoying red circles on route

Started by hendo, October 13, 2011, 00:23:41

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Hi folks
When I import a route I have created, it shows up fine, but there are annoying red circles, which must indicate points, which is a distraction. Is there anyway to hide them and just show the route.



Hi Hendo,
  if you see on all points red dot, it's because you define this in GPX file. If you look on GPX description, you can see that rte tag is defined as rte represents route - an ordered list of waypoints representing a series of turn points leading to a destination. and trk as trk represents a track - an ordered list of points describing a path., so you have to change rte to trk to see only track without these dots
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Thanks again Menion, I changed it to a track and all is well  :D