Gc Fieldnote "send" issue

Started by Yahp, October 11, 2011, 10:49:07

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Hi again,

first thanks for the comment in the other thread I accidentally closed it and cannot coment anymore. Now I've got a new strange behavior with it. When finishing the note a new dialog pops up telling, who to proceed with the File, where it is stored and so on. Answers are "yes, send" and "abort". Either way note goes to file. But if choosing the first Locus also tries to connect to some server which fails.

didn't Chance any settings and did bot find a setting to switch that off. What about that?

Best regards


I know, sorry sorry sorry :) I'm testing new Geocahing Live API and this is new feature that will be published later but it's not yet ready and I forget to comment it before release ... so forget there is any dialog, in new release this will be disabled of course
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