Vector layers overlay on to raster, HOW? Possible?

Started by GRGISpro, October 09, 2011, 19:58:13

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I am wondering if it is possible......

Load personal raster map (sqlitedb) in display.  Then overlay a vector layer?

Or have a sqlitedb of aerial image (raster) and have another sqlitedb of vector layer and turn both on?

In normal GIS applications like ESRI ArcMap or Global Mapper you can add vector layers (example .shp files) over raster images.

Is this possible in Locus Pro?

I notice this is possible with my WMS service. I have many layers and I can turn layers off and on.  However I am looking for a way to do this offline.

I notice with MOBAC you can add more then one layer to the atlas and create the sqlite but it seems to only show the bottom layer in the output even if the other layer was created to be PNG8 transparent tiles.

If any one can help with this please describe the procedure.  

Also method to use ESRI .shp files in Locus Pro.


See following post