GPS averaging - little better than Locus

Started by tarkboffin, October 03, 2011, 11:39:45

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 thought I'd share my experiences with GPS Averaging (on an HD2 running AmericanAndroid). I did some brief checks with a DGPS on survey.

 Not statistically significant, but out of 8 readings the average error was still 4.9 (range 2.7-9.7, stdev 2.2). Normal waypoints logged in Locus were 4.7 (.1-6.9, 2.3).  I wouldn't mind if the software didn't claim it was good to between 0 and 0.9.

 Also did a very quick check of precision, which you can do without a DGPS, by revisiting points. Even that is off by between 2 and 5 metres.

 What are your experiences?



My experience is that GPS built into phones suck.  Use a bluetooth GPS if you want accuracy ;)


I'm lucky I have a DGPS to play with :-)

 This app caught my eye as it's a co-app for Locus with some quite wild claims.