difficulty/terrain instead of waypoints/trackables

Started by paraflyer, October 01, 2011, 01:19:10

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When you click on a geocache in a map there is this small window that shows you some basic informations. Name, owner, difficulty, terrain. Below this you have the gc-code, size, waypoints and trackables, followed by the coordinates.

What about a switch inside the configuration to swap the "difficulty/terrain" against the "waypoints/trackables"?!

For me it's not important how much waypoints or trackables are inside a cache. Swapping this setting could make the window more neatly arranged (for me - maybe for others too).  ;)

Additionally you could use small graphics with stars (same like inside the category-list), maybe also for the well known boxes-images for the size of a cache. I think that will look much better than simple numbers.

What do you think?  8-)


+1 for me!