US Offline Vector maps missing road names/numbers

Started by wsanderson, September 23, 2011, 17:42:33

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US/Canada offline vector maps do not show any road names or numbers until zoom level 16 and lower.
Online OSM Classic map starts showing major road numbers at zoom level 10 and lower (which works fine).
City names are displayed properly.

Is there some setting available to fix this problem?

Tested using on a Nook Color (2.3) and Toshiba Thrive (3.1) tablets.
Excellent program. Appreciate the POI import.
On line maps have excellent display.


Thanks rijackson741 for the link.
The link messages stated that Locus uses the Mpasforge API for rendering.
I went to mapsforge and saw that their sample maps only showed street names at the highest zoom level.
There were no road numbers visible in the sample maps.
Mapsforge has done a great job creating the Android API.

They have an open issue #154 Accepted Priority  Medium "No Road Numbers on Locus maps created with mapforge"
Mapsforge response:
Thank you for your report. Support for rendering of road numbers is not yet implemented in the mapsforge map library, although the idea is not new (see for example  issue #143 ). It will definitely be added sooner or later, as having these information is very important and a standard feature in other maps.


Hi there,

this is really an issue. Been arround LA and it's really a pain not to read major street names in lower levels of magnification. Hope there will be a solution sometime.