Locus consuming battery after closing the app?

Started by tvdl, September 15, 2011, 18:43:39

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Hi I use Locus pro on HTD Desire. I noticed, that even after closing the app, my phone tells me it uses battery. 24% of total battery use?
Is there anything still running? I cannot find it in in settings of the HTC. THe only solution so far is restarting the system.


  my own experience: I'm sometimes also looking on this battery stats. And sometimes I'm really very very surprised what I see. Some apps are shown as very battery consumers ever when I did started them for a long time. On second side, I sometimes play a lot with Locus and then I see only a few percent. So my opinion is: never trust battery monitor that is in system. I just suggest to check this consumption by another application, but I unforunately do not have any tip. Anyone else some good app on this?

  and about Locus: if you exit locus with back key and locus just ask you for confirmation, all should be closed. If don't ask for confirmation, you should then see quick message with list of active process.
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May I suggest Battery Monitor Widget by 3C. It shows both grafically and with text log exactly amount of current flowing in or out of the battery, capacity/voltage/temperature as a function of time. It can also export data to System Tuner Pro to analyze which process is responsible for battery drain.

I have tested several of these battery monitors on the market, and this one is by far the very best I have found!


Thanks, I'll try it out.