Sharing KML/GPX when exporting

Started by elmuSSo, September 09, 2011, 12:07:00

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Hi. I was sharing my track (KML) to dropbox and I discovered it being zipped and then uploaded. This is wrong, because the zip file has always the same name. When I'm sharing two different tracks (one after another), one will be sent in this .zip, but the second one will ask me if I want to overwrite the previous one.

*** There should be possibility to share without zipping ( because I want to share the track, not its zipped version. What if somebody doesn't have unzip app? He will not be able to oppen my track )

*** There should be option to zip the file, but that zip file should have the same name as the track has + .zip at the end.

*** There will be a reason for using zips when there will be possibility to zip more then one together into one package

*** There should be also possibility to share a track from the menu when clicking on the track on map screen



ok, what about

- when exported only one file (one POI category or one track), share as simple file, otherwise pack

- share track from map is not needed. List of options on map screen is too long now without sharing option! I really do not want to add there more items
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