Geocaching - gcFieldNotes.txt keep only last cache log

Started by wacek, September 01, 2011, 17:02:13

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Its my firs time to post on forum so I would like to thank You for great software. I am using Locus since almost the beggining and its great, feraturerich companion to my trips.
I start to use it also for Geocaching but found the latest changes introduces some inconveniences: File gcFieldNotes.txt is meant for storage of cache log. It worked that way and every new log entry was added at the end of the previous entries.
Since last updates I found that now only last cache log is kept. Simply if I add log entry it overwrites all previous information. Its very inconvinient because Than I need to manually look for found caches and need to remember what Ive put  or take out from every of it. Simply gcFieldNotes.txt is usless now.

Do I do something wrong or its intended modification?
Kind regards,

Ted Quinlan

This seems weird... the field notes work as usual for me... every new log is added and nothing is overwritten.

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same for me ... no problem. Are you sure wacek that there is some problem? Try to delete gcFieldNotes file, and start with field notes again, with empty file.
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I'm getting the same problem with gcFieldNotes.txt, in that it only keeps the last log, and won't work when uploading to

Here's an example of the contents of the file
,2012-02-04T21:42Z,Found it,"I'm attempting this by bike, although I'm having to push it a lot through here. Awesome big container! I hope it sees some appropriately sized goodies. T4TC - M@"
It appears that the GC code is missing from the first field.  Therefore Locus, and, can't associate the log with a particular geocache.

A clue that something might be wrong with GC codes is that they don't appear at the top of the Geocache screen:
Although they do appear on the Waypoint screen:
I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I had installed the GSAK Database plugin.  But this doesn't seem to support GSAK version 6?, so I uninstalled it.  This hasn't made a difference to the gcFieldNotes problem though.

Deleting the gcFieldNotes.txt does not help.  It just gets recreated without the GC code.

Hope this helps find the problem.
Cheers, Matt.


The Geocache field should have the GC-code in the waypoint screen!
GSAK is "breaking" your GPX-file.

My GPX-files have for each waypoint the following fields:
<wpt lat="63.00000" lon="27.00000"><time>2012-02-06T07:00:00Z</time>
<name>GC3CXXX</name><desc>this field seems to go to the header of the window</desc>
<url></url><urlname>GC data</urlname>
<sym>Geocache</sym><type>Geocache|Unknown Cache</type>
<groundspeak:cache id="2700000" available="True" archived="False" xmlns:groundspeak="">
<groundspeak:name>Name of the geocache</groundspeak:name>
<groundspeak:placed_by>cacher</groundspeak:placed_by><groundspeak:owner id="11">cacher</groundspeak:owner>
<groundspeak:type>Unknown Cache</groundspeak:type><groundspeak:container>Micro</groundspeak:container>


Quote from: "stebu"GSAK is "breaking" your GPX-file.

My GPX-files have for each waypoint the following fields:
<wpt lat="63.00000" lon="27.00000"><time>2012-02-06T07:00:00Z</time>

You're right!  I had GSAK configured to name the waypoint using its smartcode logic - ie, with a %smart tag in the Waypoint Name field.  Using the %code tag instead to ensure it is named only as the GC code, fixes the problem!


I hope this solves it for wacek as well.
Thanks!, Matt.