Cell-ID locations

Started by durian, August 24, 2011, 12:46:17

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I forgot you just poll an existing service for the information, but don't switch that service on or off  :)

I have one suggestion. Move "Record cell ID locations" from "Track Recording" to "GPS and location". It's sometimes useful just to center the map on your current location, because sometimes you can get a good cell phone signal, but no GPS fix (inside certain large buildings, for example).


hmm this is not needed I think. Disable GPS in Locus and enabled wireless in system. When you then press centering button in Locus, it will center you to last know location (last location system received from whatever source) and centering will then be disabled. So if you don't have enabled GPS in Locus, you can still use centering function in this simple way ;)
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Thanks. It didn't occur to me that map centering would work without the GPS enabled in Locus. It work perfectly though  :)