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Versions / Re: Re: [APP] - version 3.36.+ ( 30. 1. 2019 )
« Last post by lor74cas on Today at 20:26:29 »
today my wife was looking fom my position with locus on his 5.1 androd device.
She was able to follow me all the time, at the end exited locus but live tracking notification was still present. No way to delete it, not with the stop button, not with swipe, not with starting and exiting again form locus.
Just a reboot of the devicee did the trick.
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.36.+ ( 30. 1. 2019 )
« Last post by john_percy on Today at 18:40:36 »
@voldapet: turning off automatic map loading for vector maps does indeed stop this effect.

Edit: furthermore, it is connected with the fact that I have maps with overlapping coverage in this area. LoMaps Scotland, OAMaps UK_Scotland, and OAMaps Great Britain. If I disable any two of the maps, the effect doesn't happen. (It may be worth noting that UK_Scotland has contour intervals of half the other two maps.)
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.36.+ ( 30. 1. 2019 )
« Last post by voldapet on Today at 18:28:33 »
Thank you for detailed steps but I can't still simulate it. However it seems that in the 3th step (when you zoom back to the level 14),  the same map or maybe another one is also rendered. If you want to play with it - please disable automap loading (Settings > Maps > Offline maps), check that map overlay is also disabled and try it again. Thanks, Petr
Follow the instructions above the line in the first post. Ignore everything below the horizontal line. There is no need to generate your own routing data as you can download and install the files directly from the link given.

Hello,  I've read the whole topic but can't figure it out, can you explain in detail how to do this:

How to generate routing files
- Download the raw openstreetmap file (pbf files)
- Execute ./ import <your-osm-file>. This creates the routing data

where can I download raw openstreetmap file? how to create the routing file what should I use to create it, and once I get it where should I place it? Sorry for newbs questions
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
« Last post by john_percy on Today at 10:52:35 »
Thanks. I hadn't realised that. I've added a comment to the first post to point that out.
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.36.+ ( 30. 1. 2019 )
« Last post by Žajdlík Josef on Today at 10:33:52 »
If anyone has encountered a problem with connecting to Google Drive in the PRO version after updating the Beta, then I offer a solution. Just create a backup in the Beta version and then open it in the Pro version. Access to Google Drive will resume.

Cz: Jestli někdo narazil na problém s připojením ke Google Drive ve verzi PRO po aktualizaci verze Beta, pak nabízím řešení. Stačí ve verzi Beta vytvořit zálohu nastavení a pak ji otevřít ve verzi Pro. Přístup ke Google Drive se obnoví.
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.36.+ ( 30. 1. 2019 )
« Last post by alezy on Today at 10:03:57 »
Some issues:
1. Track style editor opens very-very slow, about 8 seconds.
2. If I'll configure line slyle in route planner, it is not applied on manually drawn segments, only for calculated. And sometimes style editor is "frozen", so I cann't edit values or select checkboxes and it is automatically closed.
3. And in Pro version I've seen one dialog box with confusing text, I cann't reproduce it again. It was shown after I've changed track style and press back key some times. Text on sceenshot is translated like "You have unchanged changes. Do you really want to cancel". And two buttons Cancel and Cancel :)
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
« Last post by michaelbechtold on Yesterday at 22:41:20 »
You need to be logged into the forum to see the ZIPs.
I was not when I looked yesterday ...
Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.36.+ ( 30. 1. 2019 )
« Last post by on Yesterday at 20:16:51 »
I get the same errors as regarding trackables.
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