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Dear Menion,

I have the exact same behaviour. I'm using the the latest Pro-Version from the market (btw. thanks for this great app! That's why I bought the pro-version!) and yesterday the circles would have been very handy as the sign with the azimuth was unavailable but we had the distance. So I said to my companion: Look what a great app I have here, I think this can draw circles.... but nothing appears.

This morning I tried again and voila: I had a nice little circle. I closed the app and tried again just to see it wasn't working again. I tried each and every combination in the settings but weren't able to get circles again.

If you need any further infos please ask.

EDIT: Didn't used it before, so I can't tell if this bug is introduced in the latest version.

EDIT2: What I also experienced was that I had in mind that the new Weather feature also draws an overlay icon but now these are also missing.

EDIT3: I'm mainly using offline vector maps if it has anything todo with it.