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POI's / [POI] Some POIs for Tenerife
October 09, 2012, 23:22:03
Soon I'm going to Tenerife. So I thought: Long time that I didn't visit this area. Sure I will find some nice POI archives here -- must already be tons of it. So I came and saw... nothing? My old archives are the last ones added here? You're kidding, huh?

OK. Took a few days, and prepared this: 4 .kmz files with embedded images. The main file includes all the touristic POIs I could find, and the other 3 add some hotels/restaurants for specific areas on Tenerife. All in German, I have to add.

I will probably update this when I returned from my vacation. Maybe next year I will have more look, and find something here I can use. Guess now I have to go and buy the Pro version of Locus (unless menion decides for an exchange: All my POIs for his shop to him, and a free license for me?  :mrgreen:
Exactly. I just see I missed to mention that in my mini-tutorial. Just take one of my small KMZ files from the shared area of this forum to look at how to define them internally.
Did you try the file in Google Maps? Google Earth sometimes behaves a bit different. I noticed that with the exports made from Trip Journal: All showed fine in GE, but not in GM. If it does not show fine in GM, it usually does not show fine in Locus either.
Maybe you try a cleanup first: Remove the old import (POIs as well as their data on the SD card), and then try a fresh import. If that does not help, you still can uninstall/reinstall.
Hossini, to verify this you could convert the gif to png and use the png instead. Though gif is quite a standard format and should be supported, for png I'm quite sure it actually is.
AFAIR there was something like a POI alert in the PRO version only. And thanks for sharing!
Glad to read my mini-tutorial was helpful! As you converted such helpful material, did you consider to share it, attaching it to your post in the share forum? Guess there are some more British people around here who could profit from it  :P
Yupp, OK. I will check that with the Google Specs. I took the name "files/" from what Google Earth uses; but probably the name is not important.

But yes: The KML reference simply says "An HTTP address or a local file specification used to load an icon. " And a bit later, to the <href> in a different context: "Relative URLs can be used in this tag and are evaluated relative to the enclosing KML file." The Tutorial on KMZ files also uses the example "files/" -- but from the description there I take it "an example", and not "the only valid name". In the latter case, it would explicitly state "you have to name it 'files'", which it clearly does not. More directly: "Do not use the .kmz extension for any of the subfolders within a KMZ file." clearly states what I conclude with:

In short: Name it anything you like  :mrgreen:

Edit: I added a remark to my mini-tutorial to point this out.
Implemented / Re: KMZ/KML POI improvements
July 31, 2011, 19:03:50
I guess that's something for menion rather than for me -- KMZ files contain no "kill" command, just content. So I have no idea how to write a KMZ which does that...
This is my personal collection of POIs from Cyprus, with images embedded for offline use (this is why it requires Locus or newer). Sure there are many more POIs on Cyprus which are missing here -- maybe you can contribute them?  ;)

Descriptions/comments are in German.
Thank you for this info! Looks like this runs only on Windows? No Mac/Linux?
Implemented / Re: KMZ/KML POI improvements
July 31, 2011, 18:28:08
OK -- thanks for this explanation! I was just confused, since otherwise why should I rework my POI collection to include the images  :shock: So now it looks like an additional feature: Local files probably won't be cached (I hope?) and thus don't eat precious internal (phone) memory.
Implemented / Re: KMZ/KML POI improvements
July 31, 2011, 18:06:56
Just to make sure: External images in descriptions get cached on import already? Or when the corresponding description is displayed (on click on the icon in the map)?
This collection contains some POIs for Rhodes Island, Greece. As the KMZ files contain embedded images, you will need Locus or higher to use them.
Here come some POIs for Paris with embedded images. Requires Locus or higher (for the enhanced KMZ support).