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Just decided to buy a Garmin Forerunner 945 after I read that now, there is also Locus Maps support. :)

I really like the combination of Locus Maps and the GPS watch.
It also seems to work pretty solid thus far even though I wasn't yet able to test a lot.

That said, I already like to suggest two more features which would improve the binding a lot for me:

1. If I start recording from my phone, it won't record the heart rate data from the watch. It would be really awesome to have the watch heart rate data in the track record if there is no other heart-rate-device mounted.

2. If I start recording with the watch, my locus app on the smartphone won't start tracking (At least, it won't show the track recording screen). Would be cool if I a device-started recording would be in sync with the phone app.

Best regards