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Another thought:

When I tap a point, the point gets centered on the map. But because of the point screen that opens from below, the zoom buttons are covered. So I have to swipe the point screen away before zooming in – or to use the pinch gesture. This seems to me less comfortable than in LM3.

Would it make sense to move the zoom buttons up with the point screen (see screenshot)?

Best, Lucas
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Hello Menion,

just a thought – when tapping let's say four points one after another, the point screen disappears, then appears again, then disappears, then appears again and so on. Maybe the user experience would be smoother when the point screen would stay "open" and only the content would change, when a point is tapped while another one is still "active".

Best, Lucas
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Would it make sense so make the protective area around the zoom buttons also "touchable", so that the invisible area around the button is also part of the button? The zoom buttons are the only buttons on the map screen that are sometimes hard to target, also without gloves... Maybe also adding a little more space between these two buttons could improve this.
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Hi Locus community,

I made a simple icon pack similar to the marker icons used in OsmAnd – they are well visible also on detailed maps, that's why I like that style. Maybe they are useful for you, too.

Best, Lucas
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