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Additionaly, transparency may help you (see screenshot).
Quote from: Tapio on June 22, 2023, 18:27:49@Menion: The greyed out brush on points does not allow long click - but it should: to hide embedded waypoints. I was so happy I was able to hide them 2 versions ago. So it's possible.

That's right, (temporary) hiding of embedded waypoints would be a useful feature...

my 2c concerning the (cool!) new map-screen content panel:

– Map themes: The solution with the "Map themes" line appearing and hiding under the "Base map" line is good – it targets both users who like to change their map theme content via this panel and ones who don't because they do it via button panel or because they rather use LoMaps online, etc.

– Tracks & points: The solution in app version is the best so far – the brush symbol (in contrast to the eye symbol) is intuitive.
Temporary hiding by using a long-click including the red icons appearing in the top bar is a useful feature.
Similar to freischneiders idea, I also would suggest using the "30/16500" numbers as feedback after the long click, but what about graying the "30" out? Greyed out icons or words are normally understood as "inactive". That would indicate that the 30 tracks are inactive at the moment but still loaded. A second long click would display the "30" in black again
In German, "Auswahl aufheben" is a better translation to "Deselect all" (instead of "Markierung aufheben"). It also fits better into the pop-up ;)
Edit: CabrioTourer reported this already :)

– General:
It would make sense to make also the "Map shading" line hidable, because I think most users make this setting once and then don't change it very often. As for me, map shading is always activated, I don't change it ever.

All in all – great improvement, thank you!

I like the remembering of the scroll position, for me it should stay this way.

sharing a location from Google Maps doesn't work any more. Instead of creating a POI with the shared coordinates on the map, locus opens the new seach pane – and then nothing happens.

See video:!AredTfs4J1f5gvAbpdIGO8c9Wxym7A

Best, Lucas
Hello Petr,

when I try to convert my custom theme I get this error (see screenshot). Do you have an idea what this means?

Blue is beautiful! I like the new colour scheme, too!  :)
But, as freischneider said, it's a side side topic  ;)
Other features / Re: Online search
May 09, 2023, 17:53:50
But still there is an other faulty behaviour: When I search for "Supermarkt" in a distant place, I get a supermarket around the cursor position in Austria, then one far away in Germany, then one in Austria, then one in Germany :)

See video:!AredTfs4J1f5gvAIW6FgiDlbWVMfcQ
Other features / Re: Online search
May 09, 2023, 17:40:06
Hello Radim,

concerning the cursor vs. GPS Position issue: I found out the "problem" was on my side:

Sometimes the online search shows up two similar "latest search" results (see screenshot). One is with location, one without.

Maybe yesterday I clicked on the wrong one with "Vienna" while my cursor was somewhere 100 km away.

So --> sorry, my fault.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 08, 2023, 06:38:37
When searching for a POI, e.g. a bank, the online search is sorting the results according to my current location, not according to the cursor's position. This makes it impossible to search something in a distant place.
New online search:
When searching for a POI, e.g. a bank, the online search is sorting the results according to my current location, not according to the cursor's position. This makes it impossible to search something in a distant place.
... and the navigation panel (the one with the big arrow) doesn't show up any more during navigation – neither the small nor the big one.

nice update :)
Looking forward to testing the new search system.

Something different:
When navigating with the new version, both information panels at the top of the screen don't work any more. No matter what option I choose, the information doesn't change. The values don't change either, the kilometers to the target stay at 24.4 km all the time  :)
See video:!AredTfs4J1f5gvABnGqNr2_Pa36dNA

Best, Lucas
Quote from: Tapio on March 19, 2023, 10:14:24Do you have a screenshot? I have no clue what this is about; in what context do we have "active points"?

Hi, i've made a Screen Cap Video:!AredTfs4J1f5gu5kazAzPtRydwnEtQ
Best, Lucas
Great update with pointer directing at an active point and improved weather forecast, thank you!
Best, Lucas