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Já mohu problém jen potvrdit. GPX je (když pominu ty ms inkrementy v časech) v pořádku, tedy chybějící body na trase v trkpt svojí lokaci v pořádku mají.
Tu rovnou čáru na začátku trasy kreslí jak mobilní Locus Map, tak web plánovač. @Menion mohu kdykoliv nasimulovat.  Myslím, že toto jde za námi.
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
February 13, 2024, 09:18:23
Hi blackdog, sorry for such late reply, missed your post. You can have track on this map screen if you record activity within the app via watch. In case you are recording on Locus Map app in mobile phone, the track is not rendered here.
Other features / Re: Online search
February 13, 2024, 09:13:56
Hi freischneider, thanks for the ideas. Yes, both are planned, we only had to put bigger search upgrades on hold due to other dev priorities, so hopefully we will get back to it in the mid of this year. So sorry it takes so long to continue on this.
Hi, just additional note to 5)  - we are planning to bring login also to our main page (to the top bar just like on web planner), so I guess it will be less confusing then.
Hi, I know I am late, but can't it be because of full Garmin memory?
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Epix 2 pro
September 15, 2023, 16:32:56
Hi, I finally managed to rebuild the app without sacrificing its features, added all new devices except Instinct crossover and Edges! Hope it will work for you now!
Other features / Re: Online search
August 17, 2023, 17:45:25
Again that Google Maps sharing. :) Wait please for next release of the app, I believe it will have major impact on your experience in this. Marek and Menion are doing their magic tricks there now. ;) Lets just hope Google don't change the things on their side soon again..

On other hand, all reports of bad experience while using our new online search are welcomed as we are able to separate/sort  them into technical aspects which we are planning to focus on. This give us better ability to determine whether our expected implementations will make significant change for you or not. Thanks.
Other features / Re: Online search
August 16, 2023, 16:27:40
@michaelbechtold Would you or others please share some examples of searches (exact term together with your map/cursor location and app language) where our new search fails and where old Google (still available in Locus Map Classic) works fine to try to replicate? I am not telling new search is better, but want to be sure we don't miss anything here as I am frankly surprised how unusable you are reporting it is. It is for sure possible we are getting better results on our end because of combination language app, search term language and OSM POI data with their name translations.

Please separate it from the problem with sharing POI from Google Maps. I think that is clear now and it is separate issue/project for us.

As mentioned before, we think we know well what has to be improved or changed now in order to get better results or be more intuitive. But as we soon to jump on it again, I want to be sure we really have clear picture of all issues.

Quote from: Tapio on August 12, 2023, 10:43:03For some reason, I don't like the presentation of the new searches results.
Would you please elaborate a little?
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Epix 2 pro
August 14, 2023, 17:48:54
Hi, date of adding new devices to the compatibility list is currently unknown, sorry. Unfortunately Garmin "improved" their Connect IQ platform again without prior notice so old and more complex apps like Locus Garmin addon can't be updated anymore and we are analyzing possible next steps. I hope I will know more to the end of August.
Other features / Re: Online search
August 10, 2023, 18:07:26
Quote from: Tapio on August 10, 2023, 16:11:40But well, they may already do that.
Yes, we do. :) This is indeed super complex topic under the hood.

Quote from: joeloc on August 09, 2023, 19:14:49To be brutally honest, I wouldn't mind if you completely removed online search from Locus.
Well, you don't need to use it then. :) In reality Locus Map can't rely on other apps to search places nowadays. We are well aware that choosing beforehand where to do search is not up to today standards. That is why we are changing it.

I see that by offline you mean local user content search and by online the one similar to Google. In reality it is more complicated than that. But I am confident it will do exactly what you described as preferred in your post in the end (+ it finds you even the mountain ;)  ). 

But it will take some time so thank you for your patience:
1st stage - online general places (adresses&POIs&..) search (we are here)
2nd stage - offline general places search
3th stage - revamping other local searches

All stages will be combined together in the end, so you will just have to type the string and then do the choosing from the result offerings - presented in the way to suits all scenarios in best possible compromise. Not want to go into the details there now, long way to go. Of course, you will still be able to search just in your tracks for example.

@Andrew Heard @joeloc and others:
We hear you all and thanks so much for your feedbacks. Apparently too often search of local places is rubbish and we will do our best to do something with it.

Until then, we didn't removed old offline address and POI searches. They are still there in its current old-school form. With those the app for sure would not be returning results from countries of which it hasn't downloaded map.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 09, 2023, 13:41:39
@Andrew Heard I replied to your question regarding search here:

Quote from: Andrew Heard on August 09, 2023, 08:02:32I only use this as a workaround. The combination of the app that @0709 suggested has really improved this method of sharing greatly.
Yep, it is handy tool, but unfortunately the app isn't compatible with recent Android versions, nor is working offline.
Other features / Re: Online search
August 09, 2023, 13:37:50
Quote from: Andrew Heard on August 09, 2023, 08:02:32@Jan - sorry to sound like a broken record (for those old enough to remember) but why would I (as a user) want to see search results from >1000km at the expense of results I know for sure are closer? Sure, put them at the bottom of the list, but sort by distance surely? MUST?

Because what if you want to find something far away instead? For example New York - there are hundreds of places called like that. The app will never know for sure whether you want to find pub called New York 30km away or New York city in the USA. So it must provide compromise which suits both cases.

But I agree the current state is not optimal. It has to do with two things:
1) It can't find places what you want to find (translations/dictionary issues).
2) We don't yet have enough data in order for "smart" sorting be better than sorting by distance in lots of cases.
Other features / Re: Online search
August 08, 2023, 15:23:07
Hi, I posted few notes regarding search and sharing from Google Maps here:

I should have post it here and send link to that topic, but nevermind. :)
Locus Map for Garmin / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
August 08, 2023, 15:01:03
sorry for late reply.  :o

@mfink Whole Garmin For Locus addon is waiting for some "restart" as the current app can't be updated at all because
Garmin again unexpectedly broke backward compatibility of some important Connect IQ SDK features which Locus Map rely on. So I can't even add support for latest devices now unfortunately.

This prompt is another example of the state of CIQ platform. It never properly worked until I finally this year on latest devices like EPIX. But If it still behaves the same for you, I don't expect it will ever change for Fenix 6 family.

@winice not possible. CIQ is very limited in such areas.