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i've got a problem using Geocaching4Locus within Locus. After choosing "Nach Locus herunterladen" (something like "download to locus") the answer is "Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten! External storage (or SD Card) is not writeable. Exception: GeochachingApiException)". This behaviour can be reproduced.

BTW Dropbox acts similar: if i 'tab' on a file, dropbox reacts with the message "Speicher ist voll oder nicht verf├╝gbar" (something like "Memory is full or not available").
All other apps (i.e. ES Explorer) do not have an issue using the build in sd-card.

Does anyone have an idea, what the cause of this error is?

Nexus 4, Android 4.3 (rooted with N-Cry 3.4)
Locus 2.15.1

Hi menion,
thanks a lot for your quick and qualified answer. I will give Geoget a try and see if it makes caching easier...

Hi menion,

i'm still looking for the best way to handle my caches. To reduce the number of caches in the category "not searched", i would like to move all found caches to another category, i.e. something like "found". Unfortunately i cannot find an option to filter all found caches of a category (just to hide them, but it is not possible to invert the filter ;-).

Do you already have implemented something i'm looking for?

Hi menion,

well, I save singing the praises on locus. Everyone who uses it even a little know how great it is.  :D
Could you explain to me an option? I have not found any description of it.

Which effect has "Nur berechnete" in the filtering of POIs?

Thanks for your answer,
Troubles & Questions / Re: a questions of options...
November 19, 2011, 21:54:52
Hi menion,

everything works as you described it. Thanks for your support.

Troubles & Questions / a questions of options...
November 11, 2011, 22:49:07
I wonder if it is possible to realize the following idea with Locus:
After importing 500 geocaches (they are within a zip-file and are the result of a pocket query from as POIs in the category "caches" i added to some of them "notes" (_not_ "field note") and also waypoints. After three days i get a new zip-file and the goal is to import the POIs in the same category "caches". The POI with my changes should keep my data but also get the actual listing from the new zip-file.

I tried some combinations of two options/preferences (menu Geocaching/General second Option and menu miscellaneous/data import "check for duplicates") but cannot get the result i want to.

Is it already possible to merge my data of a POI with new import?

I tried two "undeleting-tools" (Recuva, EasyRecovery), but none of them found the deleted files in sdcardLocusdata.   :cry:
So lessons learned: making a backup more often.

Oh huh, first of all, i'm a great fan of Locus; i use it meanwhile since roundabout six months (mainly for geocaching) and after adding support for spoilers there is no need for any other app.

Today, however, i want to cry a loud "I'm pissed!" Why?
I tried to rename a catory from "GC Mysteries" to "#GC Mysteries" (in the hope to change the sorting order of all my categories). This try of renaming did not success, Locus said something like "Es trat ein Fehler auf, bitte melden Sie sich bei mir." (A failure has happened, please inform me). Okay, no worries, so the name of the category will be still "GC Mysteries". BUT ALL POIS WITHIN THIS CATEGORY ARE DELETED! There is still the the entry "GC Mysteries (0/12)", but when i look at the POIs details, the list is empty! That hurts, because I relied on Locus and now all and every hard worked solution of mystery caches are lost. Hours of work are lost. Are the POIs really lost?

1. Is there any hope, that the POIs are still in any file -- and maybe it is possible to get them back?
2. (for me now not really an issue) Please correct the heavy bug, that if a renaming of a category does not succeed, the POIs of that category are deleted.

Implemented / Filter on POI manager screen
September 08, 2011, 22:32:54
I appreciate Locus very much and I am thrilled of the new screen "POI manager" in the latest version.

For the POI manager screen, I have another suggestion: the ability to filter the POIs: with the tip of letters / characters should be displayed only the POIs that match the characters (ok, the idea results of a direct comparison with GeOrg, but the feature is anyway useful  :D)

Displaying spoilers would be a killer; the only other app I know, which support spoilers in the descripted way (using "SpoilerSync"), is "GeoOrg". Supporting spoilers is really essential for geocaching and you would get some new users for Locus, I promise. Please think about it.