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Implemented / Re: Offline maps from KMZ files
July 21, 2011, 14:41:38
I agree. It would make it much easier to create custom maps and also share the custom maps with what the garmin community have been doing.

Check here:

Garmin's instructions detail a simple 5-step process for creating a Garmin Custom Map. The steps involved to creating a Custom Map are:
1. Find a JPEG image of the map you would like use on your GPS.
2. Calibrate the image using Google Earth using Google Earth's ground overlay feature.
3. Save the ground overlay as a KMZ file to your Garmin GPS.
4. Enable the custom map on your GPS. CM3.)
Thanks a lot for your responsiveness!


I would like to propose a new option to choose where to center the map to the current location. At the moment, the current location can be ' centred' in the centre of the screen.

 In order to use a bigger part of the screen towards the direction where we are heading (I usually keep ' rotate map' on while biking/hiking), it would be nice to center a bit lower than the screen center; for example in portrait mode, it could be at 2/3rd of the screen on the y axis and in the middle of the x axis. This could be set as preference in the settings menu.

Examples from Garmin screens: ... armin&sa=N

Sorry to often refer to Garmin in my features wish list, but even though their interface is not intuitive and user friendly, they just got some of those small things that make it easier to use while outdoor, like also automatic track recording.


A nice feature would be to have track recording switched-on in background, all the time in a similar way as Garmin GPSs have.

- Makes the experience of going out with a GPS more hassle-free and makes sure an interesting route never goes unrecorded.
- Easier to explore new routes to go to the same destination because all the routes used to reach that destination in the past have been recorded and can be displayed, so it is easy to experiment new trails and perhaps revert back to an old one if better.

- A track could be automatically stored using a timestamp as a name every x hours or every day or every time GPS is switched on/off/signal is lost (the latter one is what a Garmin GPS does).
- A circular memory could be set to prevent excessive storage memory usage and make sure old tracks get overwritten.
- In case an automatically recorded track is interesting, it can be renamed and stored separately in the normal track folder.

What do you think?
Thank you,
Declined / Re: Sync with gmail and re-routing
July 20, 2011, 08:10:46

I would be nice to have a quick way to import and export tracks in as much automatic way as possible, for example via GMail sending/receiving a track. Perhaps interacting with Google MyTracks application to store tracks in the cloud?
Or automatically sending a mail with the last track recorded?

I tried to export a track from Locus via gmail (select track, export, share exported data, export, gmail selected, mail compose window appear with attached, mail sent to myself).

However, the mail received does not contain any attachment.
I am using Android 2.2 and I see GMail can only send images as attachments, issue that can be solved by installing a proper file manager, such as Astra one. After that, it is possible to attach any file to a mail via the gmail application.

However, Locus still cannot export a track via gmail. Am I missing something?

Thank you,
I agree that supporting Garmin maps would be great. I think they are best for topographic maps, where much more details are in there compared to OSM (curve levels, heights, etc) and so on. For example, take a look at these images: ... ImageLarge

They are really good for planning a hiking or MTB trip.

I extended the number of online maps Locus can use by installing "Locus - Addon map" application.
While using maps sources such as Eniro and Fonecta (useful for topo information of Nordic countries), I got the following problem:
after a while, tiles cannot be downloaded anymore and for each tile the text "unknown problem" is shown.

The strange thing is that sometimes it works. I tried yesterday with Eniro maps, worked for a while and then the problem arised. Today I tried again, worked for few minutes, then the problem came back again.

What could be the problem?
Thank you.

The way custom screen is been implemented is indeed very flexible. A disadvantage is that it is not possible to have a simple dashboard overlapped with the map where the displayed fields can be changed on-the-fly.

It would be great to have even 2,3 or four customizable fields on the fly, similar to what a Garmin GPS provides or like the Android application GPS Essentials (screenshot at ... ss-480-1-7).

In this way, it would be possible to quickly change the statistics shown depending on the current need (show altitude if I am going uphill, etc). What do you think?