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Is Wheryougo alrwady scheduled to be implemented.

I see lots of people using the Wheryougo app, since it is still the only and very good Android option.
Disadvantage is the usage of the old 0.2.4 maps. I really would make the time available to implement the new maps acceptance, but have no clue how to....:-?:-?:-?:-?
Old maps are really hard to get these days and take double the space on the device since v3 is already there.
Would it be possible to  manually override the time-out setting? Maybe per config file?
Would not using the API improve speed?
On some caches it takes a long time before images are downloaded or sometimes they are not downloaded at all. When doing big offlinzier files, this could be annoying, since Locus does not seem to time-out.

Could an option be added to have Locus time-out on the current cache and continue with the next?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Export to OSM
April 02, 2013, 22:17:59
In version 2.10.2 the error proces failed appears when I click login when trying to export a recorded track to OSM. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Logging works again. Thanks
Time format is:

dd-MM-YYYY 'at' HH:mm

I don't really understand what you mean by "What you have there"
I'm using the basic predefined log (
#{c}, {t}, Thanks) and don't type anything else in the log.
What I do see is that {c} is filled by the no. of caches, but {t} is not.
Could this be the cause?
I cannot log geocaches anymore in 2.7.3. I sent the generated error report. Using JB 4.1 on Motorola XT910.

In the past you made some 0.2.4 maps available for the Netherlands. They where created per province, because the hole country didn't worked.

Do you know if these are still available somewhere?

Any news on creating an add-in for Locus or maybe making Whereyougo able to open new mapsforge 3.0 vector maps?

I can't download an old 0.2.4 map for the netherlands and now I use a lot of data for the online maps.
It would be great to have it in Locus as an add-on. I see a lot of new Whereigo's in the region and most of them say they are tested on Android using the Whereyougo App.
Should you find some time to implement, then I'm sure this is appriciated by many.

I try downloading the maps.
Menion, Can these still be downloaded somewhere?
I'm ready for a new Wherigo adventure today and suddenly notice that no offline maps and no vector maps are available....:-(:?:-(
So I have to take another battery with me.

Could these functions please be made working again?
Zoom-out is not possible on big spoiler images. Can this be enabled?
Tested after the latest update and all seems fine now. So fixed!!!! Thanks