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You can attach a qr code scanner to the right panel for quick access.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Bluetooth GPS
May 08, 2014, 15:19:36
What a wonderful world  ::)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Bluetooth GPS
May 06, 2014, 23:06:51
I'm using that 818XT for years and still don't have a problem with it. Locus manages the connection just perfectly.

About the Glo support. You could send the device to Menion. So he can support it without buying it. And when he's done, he sends the device back.

Locus Free ist die Testversion für potentielle Kunden.

Die Testversion für Tester sollte man nur verwenden, wenn man weiß, was man tut!
Then you could set up cloud messaging and notify testers every time a new version exists with direct link to download from Dropbox.

Damn, Play Service needed...
Nice work! Thanks!
Menion, just a quick proposal.
What about setting up a "new" app called "Locus Maps Beta"?

This app never reaches production status, just stays in beta release. Set up the same Google+ group as testers.

That way you could avoid the problem with confusing your testers for not knowing the current release date and build number. Also you could use ANR's and crash reports directly through the dev console and match them to the current beta version. Same thing for comments or reviews. They are visible to your testers and you, but nobody else (except Google  ::) ).
You could also implement some methods against piracy.  :P

This idea came along my mind as I remembered some story, where developers are using the alpha and beta release feature on Google Play to exclusively deploy some apps to users. With the background to avoid the 30+ percentage rate that Google saves for itself.
BTW, Google charges only 5% for apps in the Chrome Store.

Anyway, I think you got the idea.  8)
It's there.
Anybody else?

Thanks for control of track recording through dashboard. Works nice!
When is new Locus Store ready to publish some dashboards? ;-)
I'm already beta testing some other apps.

Guys, don't worry. You don't need the g+ app and you don't need to stay signed in. It's just a sign up process. You will get your test app delivered through the play store.
Please check your developer console and go to the apk section. Click Beta-Test and hit "edit list of beta testers". You should get a link like
Testers need to click on that link...

Or Google for "how to set up beta testing in play store correctly"
8)  :P
Official kataster maps are most times WMS...
OK, I agree the track recording looks nice.

You can leave it as it is, when you implement clickable buttons in dashboard editor to target your own Locus API to handle track recording.

Sorry, but the new track recording is not acceptable to me.

Now you need 2 clicks instead of 1 to start, stop or pause track recording.
Wie lustig ;-)
Dir ist schon klar, dass es sich um komplett unterschiedliche Apps handelt?

Das wäre ja praktisch wie wenn du Suchergebnisse von Google in der Bing oder Yahoo App anzeigen willst...

Oder du dein Navigon mal kurz bei TomTom anfragen lässt, wie denn so die Verkehrslage ist...

Oder sich Putin Ratschläge über Kriegsverbrechen beim Dalai Lama holt...
Zumindest so ähnlich  8)
Free chat / Re: Velo Computer
April 16, 2014, 18:12:32
30 views, no opinion?
Thought there were at least a few bikers in here ;)