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Themes - Vector maps / Re: desktop app
August 30, 2019, 03:04:21
I'm on linux, and in the top left of the window is a 'Map' button, which opens a pulldown menu with options for 'open maps' and 'open style'
Themes - Vector maps / Re: desktop app
August 28, 2019, 20:38:33
Thanks.  I see my mistake, I was inadvertently using a V3 theme.  The V4 theme does not use cubic, & loads in cruiser.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: desktop app
August 28, 2019, 18:59:14
He did not explicitly say that about V4.  Are you implying that V4 is standard mapsforge, not a fork?

What it failed on is line curve  = cubic.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: desktop app
August 28, 2019, 05:00:52
I'm using V4 maps and themes
Themes - Vector maps / desktop app
August 28, 2019, 04:04:54
Is there a linux desktop program that can use Locus themes and openandromaps maps?    I'd like to use the same map and theme on my desktop to do some development on a theme.  I found cruiser, but it doesn't work with some locus themes.   The developer said: "Locus seems to use a modified Mapsforge and not being much compatible with the rest community."
Troubles & Questions / Re: navigation turns
January 04, 2019, 18:37:30
I just got back from a long trip & I don't recall exactly where they were, but I've created 2 test cases.
locus version 3.35.2

desert center N 33.713176  115.400324 to
W 33.6666, 112.3255
brouter, brouter profile, fast, or brouter,  locus profile car-fast
At 47.9 and 173 mi ( 77, 278km) , the router exits the highway and gets back on. 
Using graphhopper, Car, same start and end,   doesn't have the exit & reentry, but has some extra/confusing guidance at 68.8 and161 mi (111 and 259 km)

Using Graphhopper. Car
ElCajon, CA, USA,  32.79477  116.962527  to
Yuma, AZ, USA,   32.725325  114.624397
Extra/confusing guidance at 62.9 and 152 mi (101, 245 km)
Troubles & Questions / Re: navigation turns
January 03, 2019, 23:10:06
I was starting it with  - navigate to
Troubles & Questions / navigation turns
December 31, 2018, 22:05:10
When navigating, using either brouter or graphhopper, there are too many turns shown in the 'streetname/road number indicator'.    There are turns shown where there is only a bend in the road, & no possibility to go the wrong way.    I have frequency of commands set to low.   I think it is better than it was when it was set to medium, but still confusing to have unnecessary  turns shown.
I have frequency of alerts in Guidance set to Low also.  Is there another setting that I've missed?   
The use case is:
My wife and I are out on bikes, or whatever.  We're both tracking with Locus.   With the minimum number of steps I'd like to share my location with her.   The best way that I've found is:
On my phone:   Make sure map cursor is on my location,   Share> text msg.  Send the msg
On her phone:  Rcv and Copy the text msg, go to locus, Search: Move to:Clipboard.   Then she sees where I am.

If there's an easier/faster way let me know.
I haven't tried Live Tracking,  I'll look into that, it may be useful.

I tested this to my wife's phone and found it a bit confusing, i think this is why I couldn't get it to work in the field.     The Search screen only showed 'search address (online)',   only after comparing to my phone and opening the menu on the right did I see the 'move to' option.   
share:my current location   generates a google map address, not what I want.   But 'share map cursor location' > text msg works.    Then the receiver copies the text and goes to search:Move to:clipboard.
What is the easiest way to text msg my location using locus with another user using locus?    Every way I've found so far is pretty cumbersome.