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Troubles & Questions / Re: GEOCACHING
July 01, 2011, 13:50:51
Ok, maybe I can "abuse" this thread for a question:

I just became a premium member at just to test the functionality of pocket queries along with locus. It works, but the hint from the description is not displayed. I read in another forum that made changes to their export format so maybe that's the problem? Or is it me?  :D
Ah, ok, I thought that it could be sth. like that so thanks for checking ....

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work :)
Ok, the center coordinates are N 49°13.163 E 05°24.152 (Verdun area in France). The map I'm trying to download is the OSM regional German Style. The higher the zoom level (the more tiles), the more problematic it gets. The Zoom levels 18-22 for example stalled maybe 2 or 3 times, a restart did the trick. But level 23 was problematic (10+ restarts), and now I'm trying to download level 24, consisting of 6375 tiles. After 20 or so restarts i have downloaded only 2650 tiles for now.

I need the detailes levels for geocaching, otherwise I wouldn't download so many tiles.

The problem occurs in wi-fi as well as in mobile connection.

Thanks for your help, I just bought the Pro Version cause it's such a great app :))
Sorry for digging out an old thread but I have exactly the same Problem. Of course I have the latest version. Any Idea..?