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It's an official file from created by a pocket query. I just picked one cache an created a gpx file only for this one using the "GPX" button on the cache page .. still html=false. Of course i can send you the file ... which email adress or other method should i use?
Hmm, maybe there's a way to control the html setting, like the setting one can use when receiving newsletters? I checked it but found nothing. The only thing to influence gpx behaviour is the version 1.0 or 1.01. I chose 1.01 because of the attributes ...
Hi menion,

ok, this is something which I could have thought of myself :)
I examined the .gpx file created by the PQ and found that there's a tag

<groundspeak:long_description html="False">

at the beginning of the actual listing.
In the text itself there are no html tags at all, but it's still formatted correctly:

A = B – C
B = Einerstelle der Jahreszahl der Errichtung der Löschemer Kapelle
C = Ein Drittel der Länge einer Wanderschleife
D = C x 2
E = D x 2

Station 2:

Then there's the closing tag : </groundspeak:long_description>

Maybe this has sth. to do with the html=false parameter ....
Well, I'm really appreciating the features and increasing convenience of Locus more and more. In fact, I'm using my smartphone as my only GC device for weks now - works great.

I just noticed one thing:

Is it possible to keep the format (spaces, rows etc.) of the original Listing also in the imported POI's in Locus? Or is this problem due to limitations of the gpx format itself?

Example (in german, but the language doesn't matter, only the format):

Part of Cache description:

A = B – C
B = Einerstelle der Jahreszahl der Errichtung der Löschemer Kapelle
C = Ein Drittel der Länge einer Wanderschleife
D = C x 2
E = D x 2

Station 2:

How it looks in the Listing in Locus:

A = B – CB = Einerstelle der Jahreszahl der Errichtung der Löschemer
KapelleC = Ein Drittel der Länge einer
WanderschleifeD = C x 2E = D x 2Station

Of course, the line breaks depend on the used device and resolution of course, but when in comes to formulas etc. it's pretty inconvenient to read.

But as I said, I don't know if this is a Locus or a GPX Problem ... or maybe it's on my side ...
Other features / Re: vector maps
July 16, 2011, 11:43:02
Wouldn't the first step be to remove the option of downloading vector maps from the free version? I don't know the free/pro ratio but I suppose that there are many more free than pro users. As a second step you could think about per-map-payment in the pro version...

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Vector maps is a great feature and works fine for me... Thanks for this. When will it be integrated into pro version?

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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
July 06, 2011, 10:11:40
Actually nothing special. I tried several times and now it imports caches. But they're not personalized as my finds are not marked..

Update: It seems the problem is all about logging in to gc. Com. When i enable "skip found" it gives me the error. When it's unchecked it works. I suppose it then doesn't try to log in...

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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
July 05, 2011, 22:33:23
I had the same problem first, but now it works. I notice the icons have changed,  they look like those in c:geo now. Problem is that my finds are not recognized even though my login data is correct...

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I like them :-)

But you're right.. now as the FN Icon matter is going to disappear I don't really need them. Congrats to the designer, they're really cool...

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Where can I get these icons....?

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Inzwischen gibt es diese Funktion... aber ich nehme an,  es hat sich erledigt.

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Ok,  I just tried the new version, thanks for the date implementation. FN changing works as well. The only "problem" is that if a FN is deleted, the icon doesn't change back to its original state. This function would make this feature almost perfect, I think...

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Thanks for the fast reaction... That's what i call Good Support...
Yeah, I'd appreciate that too. It's always possible to make a mistake und so you should be able to "undo" it ... I've also one cache here with a smilie because of that :) For me it'd be sufficient to be able to manually change the icon back, but when i tap on it, it doesn't give me the GC-Icons but only the standard ones ...

btw, concerning the pre-fill format for the field notes: how can you insert the date? {DD.MM.YY} doesn't seem to work ...

And I've got the same behaviour with the gmail app here, it' doesn't work. Not a big problem, i use the "normal" email app, download the zip and import it manually- works fine. The other way would be more elegant though ...
Troubles & Questions / Re: GEOCACHING
July 01, 2011, 16:35:56
boah, thanks a lot. Don't know why i didn't see that. Cool feature, better than encryption .... :)