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After using Locusmaps for tracks recording three times today - each time for about an hour - I think I can say that it is stable again. At least it has not crashed any of those three times, and before I made the above changes to my phone settings, it crashed each and every time I tried to use it.

This just to let others know that there is something that at least resembles a solution.
Thanks for the info. Sounds like your first reply fits the bill. Now I guess we just have to wait.
I´ve made the changes you suggested, and will be using the app daily the next month or so, so I guess I´ll find out if it has helped.
We are not hardcore hickers, but just a couple of seniors that travel quite a bit around Europe in our motorhome. When we make stops, we explore the area on foot - taking walks that range from a few km to sometimes over 20. I record these tracks with Locus Maps, and up until recently this has worked fine. Now I am having trouble with the app crashing when recording tracks. I normally start the track recording, lock the screen and put the phone in its pouch and forget about it, but if I do that now it will at some point stop recording, and when I turn on the screen again I have to start up the app. It then picks up recording again, but it has no trackpoints from when it stopped recording, thus drawing a straight line as the crow flies from the last GPS fix to the present GPS fix - forgetting alle the turns and so on.
I had suspected another app, TomTom Sports to be the cause because I recently installed that and it normally runs in the background. I have disabled TomTom Sports running in the background and shut it down, but the problem persists.
Other changes made are an upgrade of the system, so on my Huawei P10 Lite I am running Locus Maps version 3.31.3, Android 8.0.0, EMUI 8.8.0 WAS-LX1