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Declined / Re: Linking Latitude
November 24, 2011, 15:06:41
Hi Menion, is there a chance to get this working? I would love this feature too! Thanks for your great work!
Implemented / Re: Load other Map
June 22, 2011, 08:52:06
Hi Menion,

great app by the way, using pro version which fully substituted OziExplorer I used before.

I also miss the map autoload feature which worked quite well in Ozi on WinMobile. In Ozi you also could have more maps and more zooms and it still worked fine.

How about this:

1) once you zoom in or out to the last zoom level of current map Locus would automatically display another available map with desired zoom keeping the position (even if GPS is off). If there are two or more maps available with the desired zoom level a pop up window would appear where user could select which one wants to use (e.g. Sattelite or normal/touristic map). I mean the same window which now appears when you click the nem Map icon in the top left corner.

Btw. I would appreaciate more than one digital zoom out (using the lock icon next to zoom in and zoom out buttons) - same as there are more zoom in steps. I have a tar map converted from Ozi 1:10000 and I would like to zoom it out much more than once.

2) once you get off the current map, Locus would automatically display next map with the same zoom level as current map, again if more than one map available a pop up window would allow user to select desired map. This part could be maybe solved by a subfolders in the Locus Maps folder. Each subfolder would contain same map files (e.g. whole Czech Rep. map divided in more files).

I think this would make Locus even better and users more happy ;-)