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Yes, I am turning all of them on at once. My biggest group has 12000 points. But even if I deselect the large group the names of the smaller group with 100 POIs are not shown anymore.
but I tried this once more - without success; it's really strange
I think there must be a relation to the number of POIs;
I have deleted a group of POIs and then imported them again; the names are shown again;
but after selecting the group with more than 1000 POIs no names are displayed anymore;
I tried this already, but it does not work; when going with the red cross over the icon it becomes larger but the name of the POI is not displayed.
I do not see the name of POI since I imported more than 10000 POIs. Deselecting this POI group does not help. Also name of POIs of a group with 100 POIs are not displayed anymore.
Troubles & Questions / show name of POI in map
July 01, 2011, 18:35:57
The name of the POI is not displayed anymore when the red cross in the middle of the map hits the POI. Where is the setting for this feature? Who can help me?
Hi Menion,

thank you for the fast response. I have uploaded the file to // and no error was reported. Also Google Earth is accepting the file. But nevertheless I will write a progrom to delete the element because the information is not necessary.
I want to import POIs of campsites. The kml file is provided by
Locus is reporting a problem and is not importing the POI. The reason is the element "description". I have attached a part of the file. I hope you can solve the problem so that I can use locus and the POIs in my vacation.
Thank you very much for the great app!