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I have also a problem with kmz files which I import in locus. This problem may be related to this topic.

I have a large kmz file with some icons which are linked to POIs in the kml file. Some icons are not shown or a wrong icon is shown in the map.
I have shrinked the kml file to a small list of POIs and have seen this problem yesterday. Then I have changed some icons several times and now when I am back to the original kml file I do not see the problem anymore. 

At the moment I am very confused because I am not able to reproduce this problem.
thank you all for the fast support!
Troubles & Questions / QR Code of type GEO
May 09, 2014, 15:53:12

I have a QR code of type GEO with such a content: geo:51.45,7.0?q=Essen. I can scan this QR code with a Barcode Scanner and the scanner offers me to open a map. If I choose locus the app will start and the POI is shown.

Now I have two questions/problems:
1. unfortunately the string "Essen" is not imported by locus; would it be possible to import this string and to assign it to the name of the POI?
2. would it be possible to add the feature to scan QR codes of GEO type in locus?

Thank you

meine POIs haben keine Höhenangabe, deswegen sehe ich die natürlich auch nicht;

jetzt ist aber alles klar - vielen Dank für die Hilfe!
diese Einstellung hat keinen Einfluß auf die Darstellung; es handelt sich ja auch um eine "Höhenangabe", während unter dem POI die Entfernung angezeigt wird; ich habe auch noch nie eine Höhenangabe gesehen; da blick ich überhaupt nicht durch;
Das Löschen der config.cfg war ein guter Rat! Locus hat die Datei neu erzeugt und die Funktion ist nun wieder vorhanden. Allerdings wird jetzt zusätzlich zum POI-Titel auch die Entfernung angezeigt. Auf diese Angabe würde ich gerne verzichten - wo kann man das denn wieder einstellen? Lieber würde ich die "description" des POI zusätzlich sehen. Geht das?

Aber zunächst vielen Dank für die kompetente und schnelle Hilfe!
ich bin umgestiegen auf ein Note 3. Ich möchte, daß beim Überfahren des Fadenkreuzes mit dem POI-Icon der POI-Titel angezeigt wird, wie bei meinem alten Gerät. Ich habe schon alle Einstellungen verglichen, aber leider keine Lösung gefunden.
Kann mir jemand helfen?
Implemented / Re: POI list, show direction
September 05, 2011, 21:57:34
I have also a wish concerning the POI list: I would like to see the description of the POI in the second line beside the distance; CR/LF should be replaced by blank;
Troubles & Questions / Re: rotating device by 90°
September 05, 2011, 21:49:40
the problem disappeared as suddenly as it appears; I have not seen it anymore although I tried to reproduce it every day; so you can close the thread;
I know this button and it is not checked - can no one reproduce this behaviour?
Troubles & Questions / rotating device by 90°
August 13, 2011, 23:54:57
I am using Locus for a longer time and have now seen this effect for the first time: I am viewing the map at a position far away from my current position. If I now turn the device by 90° the center of the map jumps to my current position. Is this a bug or a feature?
Declined / using tiles in cache
August 10, 2011, 15:20:01
Last vacation I was in areas with limited internet access where downloading of tiles takes some time. When downloading tiles Locus is showing white tiles with message "downloading" or "unknown problem". If it takes too much time I switch to tiles in cache with an other zoom level. It would be fine when within the white tiles available zoom levels (only the numbers of course) would be displayed, especially available tiles with lower zoom level.
Thank you, now it works. Excuse me for making unjustified trouble!
I have a problem when I import a kmz-file with multiple icons:
If the kmz file has icons referenced by external links the icons are shown correctly in the map. But if the kmz-file has icons which are provided within the file the icon of the category is shown on the map, not the icons provided in the file. Google earth works as expected.
[attachment=0:2j9ob9ge]ba3 icons[/attachment:2j9ob9ge]

Then I tried to delete a POI of the category and the app crashed. After starting Locus the category is not shown anymore. If I try to generate the category again Locus says "category already exists" (translated from german to english). But I cannot reproduce the crash again when I delete the POI.
I am now back from vacation where I used Locus very much with a lot of pleasure!
I have not seen the problem anymore. In the first time I have only selected a few POIs but later more and then all of them without problems. At the end I cannot explain the reason for what I have seen. Sorry for making the trouble.