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I work with my ├▒hone
Locus is my number one favorite tool. Yet since I have to Track my day with gps, my phone drains pretty fast. been trying to connect my New Smartwatch Suunto Traverse Alpha, but it doesn't recognize it. Noticed some specific connection for Zhephir and Polar. Anyone knows how to make it work. Would love to do it myself but its out of my field of work :(

.. Im a Botanist.

Please help me on this. Thanks in advance!
Quote from: john_percy on May 01, 2018, 08:34:54
I think you may need to install Locus Tweaks from the Google Play Store.

YES! that's it!
oh my silly me.

Had to reset my Phone. reinstalled all my apps (ofc Locus is one of my favorit since I use it for Work on the Field).

Used to Download areas from a Map from Google hybrid. it used to be on my phone list somewhere on the app. (the ap is still quite confusing) But now i just Can't find it.

It's the most important tool wich aid me deciding to buy the PRO version.
Where is it no :( cant find it pls help!

I have to fly next wednesday to work . cant go without my favorite tool :(