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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: April 01, 2020, 15:12:13 »
Ok fair enough :-)

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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: April 01, 2020, 13:04:12 »
I myself am satisfied with the current Locus UI, do not see the usefulness of such a heavy UI change (inclusive a NEW Locus Manual), and therefore do not test it, but I sometimes follow the experiences here.
According to the screenshots, should I turn my phone upside down to put trusted Icons such as GPS and so on back in the top panel I have trusted for years? Don't see the use of mixing up all the buttons again? Is it just me? I know I am always a bit suspicious of fashion phenomena, so count on the old fashion to reappear after a few years. ;D ;D ;D
Agree 100% !!
Everything has been fine, a few necessary updates here and there but all was well.
I think rather than a new user learning Locus they want it changed to suit them personally. Their Garmin had this, or the other App had that. Well this is Locus. Learn it and enjoy. They are the squeaky wheel so they get the grease. Meanwhile no one else is complaining so their voice is unheard.
@Menion if it isn't broke don't fix it... Please !! And Please don't clutter up the screen with permanent buttons.
We've only got so much space to work with on the average size cell phone. I don't carry around a huge tablet or mount one to my handlebars.  Give people options but don't make the many that are satisfied have to conform with those that aren't.
Locus rocks !!

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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: March 30, 2020, 15:47:34 »
Hiding the record button could be associated with hiding the bottom panel.
I prefer everything hidden and made available with a double tap. I do like the blue tab to bring up map screen content. Maybe there is room within dynamic content for another option to be readily available. Using cell phones with +/- 5" screens doesn't leave a lot of room for navigation. The less blocking the map the better .

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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: March 30, 2020, 15:15:38 »

@Žajdlík Josef
- permanently visible rec-button: hmm if, then only optionally
It would then be possible to completely cancel the record button in the side panel.

I would definitely prefer it to be optional. I have never had an issue starting or stopping recording and I use it often on motorcycles. Less permanent tabs on the map screen the better. A double tap on my screen brings up the side bar and there it is. Once activated there is a tab on the map screen to stop. Very easy.

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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:37:59 »
I think that Josef means by bookmark another TAB. So there should be a screen with three tabs: Recording, GPS, Compass, right?
I just a few days ago thought about separating GPS & Compass so you think exactly opposite :). More tabs > slower display of the screen. Sorry Josef, I'm really not a fan of this "merging" idea. From my point of view, it will really complicate my work and also explanation why these functions are merged and not some others.

@Andrew Heard
Nearest points > hmm this may be useful, agree. For now, it is possible to at least display them on the map ;)

Generate trip > mystery for me. I'll prepare some debug messages for you into the next version.

Swipe from left > I've noticed this as well, thanks for the reminder

Swipe from bottom > no idea :). Isn't it possible that under finger was shaping/via point so you dragged this point?
Agreed , no need to load it down or slow it down. Sometimes less really is more. Same with POI. I turn them on for the area as needed. I haven't missed one yet.

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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Tiramisù 3 Locus Edition +
« on: January 31, 2020, 14:31:59 »
I downloaded and unzipped the file, however I cannot get the theme to show in my Locus themes library. It's in the correct folder with my other themes. I'm using v4 openandromaps

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Maps / Re: LoMap updates
« on: December 03, 2018, 05:47:48 »
Notice I'm buying the LoMaps and supporting Locus and NOT getting the same maps for FREE from openandromaps????

Thanks for the clarification... Oh and the attitude.

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Maps / LoMap updates
« on: December 03, 2018, 00:28:54 »
I'm using Locus Pro and I noticed each time there is a map update I have to pay again for the map. I thought you only pay once.
Was I mistaken?


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